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Pro-Group offers a wide range of tailored business solutions for actors in the competitive market. Be it start-ups or established businesses; small companies in the initial stage of their development or larger ones that need to advance to the next level, good business strategy is essential. Pro-Group provides the crucial support necessary to devise your approach and succeed in the market.

Pro-Group includes Pro-Cresco Ltd. and Pro-Ducatio Ltd. working together to cover all your needs and requirements. We believe passionately that essential advantages lie within and a small number of distinguishing properties drive an organization’s identity and success. We work with our clients to identify and develop those strengths and capture appropriate market opportunities.

Pro-Ducatio is a technology focused marketing and sales agency based in Budapest, working with the best in class professionals in all areas of marketing and PR. At Pro-Ducatio we offer specialist support in strategic business planning, we develop practical marketing concepts and organize operational sales activities.


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 Marketing & Sales

Our aim is to support innovative companies in general PR, product development and product roll out, resulting in successful international market presence.
Marketing & Sales is a creative endeavor, but it also can be a highly rigorous discipline. Pro Ducatio’s unique capabilities in econometric analysis and scientific approaches allow us to deliver significant, measurable value to leading firms.
Many businesses struggle with devising ways to effectively market their business to prospective clients. The guarantee of the quality of our services is based on our international partner network which we provide reliable answers to the questions beyond Hungary and our main activity.

  • Market/ Industry Research
  • Market Development Strategy
  • Foreign market entry facilitation
  • Exploring of potential clients and cooperation possibilities
  • Business meeting organization

We have multiple years of experience in the South American market, colombia - 329x430especially in Colombia, where we believe there is still plenty of undiscovered potential for Hungarian companies to export their products and services.

Public Relations

Within the Public Relations sector, our specific service offerings include:

  • Internal and external communication
  • Strategic corporate communications consultingPublic relations - 329x430
  • Management Consulting
  • Coordination of Media Relations
  • Organizing press events, press cabinet construction to generate media coverage, media monitoring and competitor analysis
  • Complete management of ATL and BTL campaigns
  • Event – and conferences organization
  • Organization of training courses
  • Individual and group media training, crisis communications training, stylistic training, business coaching, team building, training protocol

Business development

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We offer a wide range of tailored business solutions for actors in the competitive market. Be it start-ups or established businesses; small companies in the initial stage of their development or larger ones that need to advance to the next level, good business strategy is essential. Pro-Ducatio provides the crucial support necessary to devise your approach and succeed in the market.


Our main ongoing projects include 2 ICT companies focusing on R&D activities that are co-financed by the European Union and the Hungarian Government. Companies under management have a cumulative Y2013 revenue over € 2,5 million, and they are involved in the following sectors: ICT Research and Development, energy conservation, business development consultancy, PR and Sales and marketing services.
In November 2014 we have started to develop 2-way commercial relations between Hungary and Colombia resulting in successful negotiations, foreign representation and export possibilities for our clients. We will continue to keep on this track and further increase export and import activities between the two countries.


A client with modern picture and sound analysis technology that can automatically provide triggers based on sounds or pictures within live broadcast, allowing connected content to be broadcast over the internet or Telco networks to end users.
We have established RecognizeIT Colombia to enter the Colombian market. The company is active in the media segment (online media, television, video production, etc).

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Deep Mining

A company that developed the DBS (Deep Mining Business Intelligence Software) is an innovative Business Intelligence software, a revolutionary data-mining algorithm family that supports decision makers to make the most optimal choices by analyzing the timing of transactions. The biggest advantage of DBS is that it is able to analyze not only the behavior of a client but also the rhythm of this behavior. Building on this, the software is able to find new connections and derivative data from the available statistics providing value for the business in question. Every event that has an analyzable time horizon and represents valuable data for the business can be included in the analysis (e.g. the rhythm of communication, payment rhythm, the rhythm of purchases, etc.). Thus, this innovative software can be a huge asset when it comes to client management, sales, controlling, risk assessment, loan assessment, marketing, business and product development.

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Roosevelt 7/8 Loyalty ProgramRoosevelt

As a modern and innovative office building, Roosevelt 7/8 / (Bank Center) has launched the Roosevelt Loyalty Program in 2013 June, which offers promotions and benefits at various service providers inside and outside the building. The strategy is based on the concept that although Roosevelt 7/8 is located in a prestigious area of the Budapest Central Business District (CBD), today’s competitive market situation compels office buildings to offer more than just good location and premium office space. The aim of the program is to find nearby companies, service providers and shops that are operating according to the high standards of Roosevelt/ (Bank Center) and are open to offer special discounts periodically or long term to the employees of the Roosevelt building (Bank Center). The number of partners is growing dynamically every month providing more and more value to the program.

Pro Ducatio also handles the marketing and the PR activity of the program like press releases, a periodical edited newsletter, media monitoring and news conferences.

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IT Services Hungary, T- Systems subsidiary

  • Media monitoring and competitor analysis
  • Support of internal communication
  • Management consulting
  • Long-term image building
  • Ongoing strategic advice
  • Planning and organization of the campaigns for the recruitment
  • Media management organization of professional training

Mobility and Multimedia Cluster – Communications in collaboration with the MOA

  • Media management
  • Coordination of the Innovation Tech Show 2009 Conference and exhibition and coordination of the media releases in connection with the event

Nokia Siemens Networks – in collaboration with the M & H Communications

  • Corporate Communications
  • Media Management

OBI Hungary – in collaboration with the M & H Communications

  • Internal communications support – Preparation of the crisis communication and media policy handbook

Novo Nordisk – in collaboration with the M & H Communications

  • Conducting the cross-country road show of
  • Changing Diabetes Program and media release generation in connection with the event


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